Training Facility Funding

Affordable Family Homes, INC a 501 c (3) nonprofit entity dba US Veterans Housing and Training Facility

State of the art VA Regional Medical Center in New Orleans, Louisiana is a few blocks from the training facility.

US Veterans Training Facility
New Orleans, Louisiana

Our facility will provide learning and job opportunities for our veterans

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We anticipate a concerted effort with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and The Joe W. and Dorothy Dorsett Brown Foundation to complete their commitments to our veterans in making this endeavor a success for all. It is anticipated that the cost for training each veteran will be $23,675/year.

The proposed Veterans training facility will consist of 15,000 SQ’ above the parking area with parking (5,000 SQ’) being under the building. Location of the facility is within two blocks of the VA Medical Center. Veterans students will have the option of shuttle transportation to and from the training facility.

The training course will be nine months 8 hours a day for a 5-day week. Classes consisting of 40 students 10 students per classroom. The teaching faculty will have 4 certified teachers in computer programing. A lunch room will be provided for all students. Lunches will be provided from an outside vendor.

At this time, we are seeking funding for the construction of the building. Construction cost is as listed below:

  1. Land purchase $250,000
  2. Total building space will be 20,000SQ’
  3. Architect, MEP $125,000
  4. Structural $18,000
  5. Construction cost $3,500,000
  6. Emergency power backup generator $350,000
  7. FF&E $75,000
  8. Landscaping $10,000
  9. Total design and construction turnkey $4,278,000
  10. Cost per SQ’ $202.00 (Building only land not included)After building construction has been completed a staff will be considered for administration duties and teaching faculty personnel. Operational expense will be funded by the Veterans Administration branch of the Arm Services. Yearly projected operational expense is as projected below.
  1. Administration $$320,000
  2. Teachers $200,000
  3. Utilities $20,000
  4. Insurance $20,000
  5. Workers compensation $40,000
  6. Vendor lunch service $224,000
  7. Janitorial services $23,000
  8. Supplies $50,000
  9. Miscellaneous expenses $50,000
  10. Total $947,000

Prepared By:

Theron Larroquette
Technical advisor to AFHINC